Our story

Dutch designer Hester Taverne founded Wobs in 2012 when living and working in Shanghai. During the winter she observed the Chinese driving to work on their mopeds with large black gloves attached to their handle bars with tape. This inspired Hester to design her own colourful and fashionable cycling gloves, Wobs Bike Pogies. Her environmentally-friendly bike gloves are made from the highest quality recycled materials and are available in many fashionable prints. Launched initially for the large home-grown Dutch cycling market; Wobs Bike Pogies are now available in 4 different countries.

Our promise

Our Promise is reflected in our name Wobs, literally speaking, “Warm On Bikes”.
Our products at Wobs are especially designed to enhance your comfort while riding your bike. Wobs ensures both comfort and fashion for every bike journey. Featuring Dutch design, there is a fashionable pattern available for every taste.
Wobs, Cool design to keep you warm.

Photo Hester - warmonbikes

Hester Taverne

Designer, Founder wobs®

The logo

The name is reflected in the logo that shows a picture of an Australian wombat.
This wombat stands for the warm and comfortable feeling you will experience the moment you put your hands in your Bike Pogies.

Bikepogies van Wobs

Cool design to keep you warm

Wobs Bike Pogies keep your hands warm while riding your bike. They are fully water repellent to shelter your hands from rain and have a soft furry lining. They are available in varying fashion prints and come in two different sizes; for adults and kids.


Special reflection stripes on the sides of the Bike Pogies provide visibility in the dark and enhance safety on the road. You can change gears and brake without any problem.


Each set of Bike Pogies is made from 10 recycled plastic bottles and packaged in a bio-degradable plastic bag. With this recycling process the brand Wobs contributes to the reduction of plastic waste in the world.

Use and Maintenance

Bike Pogies come with a set of tie wraps and can easily be attached to the handlebars of your bike. This fix prevents the gloves from being taken away.
When you park your bike you can fold the Bike Pogies to keep them clean and dry.
Bike Pogies are cold machine washable.


Fabric: 100% recycled polyester. Lining: 65% polyester – 35% recycled polyester

Instructions for attachment

1 Slide the Bike Pogie (with the label facing up and to the outside) over the handlebar, the handbrake and the gear.
2 Insert the supplied tie-wrap through the eye and pull it tight.
3 Slide the lower cable into the bottom of the velcro tape and press the velcro tape tightly so it reaches half-way up. Slide the 2nd cable into the velcro and close the entire velcro tape by pressing down.
4 Close the Bike Pogie by sliding the black clip towards the handlebar. Make sure the gel tape is pressed against the handlebar as this prevents sliding.
Note The sound of the bell is muted by the Bike Pogies. Please place the bell outside the Bike Pogies.